Battlefield Royale-The One MOD APK v0.3.44

Battlefield Royale-The One MOD APK v0.3.44

Battlefield Royale – Battle Royale is one of the most popular game genres today. Since last year, it has become so popular that it is the home of the MOBA. This has resulted in many manufacturers wanting to mimic this type of game to create their own product.

They even use names that are close to the game genre to attract the attention of players. Battlefield Royale is a new product has just launched the market and also received close attention of many fans.

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Fat Dragon Studio has just one product on Google Play. But in addition, they have a few other products with diverse genres. This is the first survival game so they will have to be creative to save points for players. This product has a novelty that minimizes the number of players in a game. So the duration of a game will be shortened considerably, supporting players who want to experience this type of game but do not have much free time.

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As I mentioned above, Battlefield Royale is a survival game, but everything has been minimal to shorten the duration of the game. For example, a standard Battle Royale game, the map will be quite large with 100 players at the same time. But for Battlefield Royale you will have just 29 players. 30 people will be traveling on an airplane and parachuting to a small island. Here try to collect the weapons that you think fit you, including five categories of equipment such as grenades, body traps, skills, body skills, and firearms. Use them wisely and combine them with tactical combat to make a perfect match.

You will also be allowed to invite a friend into the game with the due mode. Two teammates played in a horizontal match with about 30 people. It will definitely increase your combat ability and reduce your opponent’s rate. However, the two must also have their own tactics to coordinate with each other. Because the rest of the players may also be playing with their teammates.

Sum up

In the end, we will win with the glory trophies. This final bonus will be extraordinarily eye-catching and worth the effort. In fact, everything in the game is designed with full 3D graphics with many unique details. You can see a variety of fun, beautiful and emotional to the user. So, after only a few days of launching the game has achieved over 50000 downloads only on Google Play.

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Battlefield Royale-The One
Battlefield Royale-The One
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