Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas MOD APK v2.00

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas MOD APK v2.00

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – Rockstar Games: a gaming company that is no stranger to gamers now. The products that Rockstar released received positive feedback, the great interest from the players. Among them are the Grand Theft Auto series (GTA), which is the most successful series for Rockstar.

But to the players that say, San Andreas still occupies an irreplaceable position. And it has also set the standard for later versions of the GTA.

GTA series has the best storyline

As the fifth installment in the GTA series, San Andreas is the most attractive product for gamers. Also because Grand Theft Auto was so familiar with the players, the success it brought created great strides for juniors.

San Andreas inherited the good that his seniors possessed and also had their own prominence in order not to mix the shadow that their predecessors made.

Los Santos – the city of trouble comes from social evils. Carl Johnson gave up on Liberty City, creating a new life. But in his hometown, Carl’s mother was killed by a payment, Carl returned and hunted down the perpetrator. The thought of revenge caused Carl to abandon a life of tranquility for a relationship that was not beautiful at all.


You will play the role of Carl Johnson, on the road to find the truth and destroy the wicked. You will be guided by the tasks in the game, each task will have different requirements, you have to deftly act to complete the task. You can drive the cars on any road, explore the streets which shoot all the guys that the quest required.

Thanks to that there will be gun battle scenes as well. Equipped with multiple weapons, use them appropriately. The world is yours, let’s bombard us, but it’s just right.

Although the game is very violent, the activities in the game also countless. Gambling, racing, circus, robbery … you can do anything you like. In addition, some tasks aiming at high β€œhonesty” diversify the experience for players.

The free time can also be wandering, a little leisurely for relaxation. Compared to his seniors, some of the great features are added to San Andreas, instead of a shooting posture, you can use other ways, do not create the feeling of boring as before.


Typically for sandbox games, graphics can be called pretty well. The details of the image are carefully carved. The action is diverse, special, sure to please gamers. The game map is very wide, comfortable to explore.

The sound is also very good, the details of the sound as small as the attitude of other people in the game are really very ordinary people, bring true and lively, this is really a big effort with the manufacturer. Released up to the time the game was released. Even now, the sound of San Andreas cannot really be anywhere.


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a typical role-playing game, with the gameplay and gameplay features it brings, it’s hard to resist that attraction. Highly detailed graphics, easy-to-understand gameplay, varied realities cannot help but disappoint gamers. There are many things you need to explore, experience it yourself.

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Developer: Rockstar Games
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List of cheat codes!

Cheats for weapons, search, equipment:
LXGIWYL – weapon number 1 set (shotgun, mini MP5, AK-47, rifle, bat, 9mm pistol, rocket launcher, Molotov cocktail, spray paint, brass knuckles)
KJKSZPJ – weapon set number 2 (gun Desert Eagle, Sawed-Off, Tec-9, knife, machine gun M4, sniper rifle, fire extinguisher, flamethrower, grenades)
UZUMYMW – weapon set number 3 (machine gun M4, chain saw, 9mm pistol with a silencer, Spaz, MP5, sniper rifle, thermal RPG, mines.)
HESOYAM – health, armor, $ 250.000
OSRBLHH – increase your crime rate by two stars
ASNAEB – to clear your crime rate
LJSPQK – your crime rate is 6 stars
WANRLTW, FULLCLIP – endless bullets, without reloading
AEZAKMI – you are never wanted
OUIQDMW – full ammunition while driving
FOOOXFT – everyone has a weapon
NCSGDAG – Hitman in all parameters of weapons
AIYPWZQP – get a parachute

Cheats for cars and other vehicles:
AQVQIMAHA – all parameters of your machine to the maximum
XICWMD – invisible machine
PGGOMOY – perfect control
BGKGTJH – only cheap cars drive through the streets
GUSNHDE – only expensive cars drive through the streets
CPKTNWT – blow up all the cars
LLQPFBN – pink cars
IOWDLAC – black cars
RIPAZHA – cars fly
BMTPWHR – rural cars and pedestrians
FVTMNBZ – only rural cars drive around the city
THGLOJ – reduced traffic on the streets
COXEFGU – all machines have nitro accelerators installed
VKYPQCF – all taxis have nitro
BSXSGGC – cars fly off when hit

Cheats for upgrading the player:
BAGUVIX – infinite health (immortality)
CVWKXAM – Endless Oxygen
AEDUWNV – never hungry
BTCDBCB – fat man
JYSDSOD – Kachek
KVGYZQK – thin
BEKKNQV – the magnet for girls
OGXSDAG – maximum respect
EHIBXQS – maximum attractiveness
NATURALTALENT – pump all skills to the maximum
AFPHULTL – ninja theme
KANGAROO – Super Jump

Codes for weather, time, environment GTA San Andreas:
AFZLLQLL – sunny weather
ICIKPYH – hot weather
ALNSFMZO – Cloudy Weather
AUIFRVQS – rainy weather
XJVSNAJ – always midnight
NIGHTPROWLER – endless night
OFVIAC – orange sky (21:00)
MGHXYRM – thunderstorm
CWJXUOC – sand storm
YSOHNUL – speed up time
PPGWJHT – accelerated game
LIYOAAY – slow motion
BAGOWPG – paradise over your head
SZCMAWO – suicide
ZEIIVG – all traffic lights are green
YLTEICZ – aggressive drivers
AFSNMSMW – flying boats

Other cheats for GTA San Andreas:
ASBHGRB – Elvis Everywhere
BGLUAWML – pedestrians attack each other with rocket launchers
AJLOJYQY – pedestrians beat each other
CIKGCGX – beach party
MROEMZH – gang members everywhere
BIFBUZZ – gang members control the street
JHJOECW – Big Bunny Jump
JCNRUAD – explosion (Smash n β€˜Boom)
CQZIJMB JCNRUAD – armored car exploding other cars!
LFGMHAL – mega jump
IAVENJQ – mega punch
IOJUFZN – riot mode
PRIEBJ – theme madhouse
MUNASEF – adrenaline mode
SJMAHPE – recruit someone (9mm)
ZSOXFSQ – to recruit someone (Rockets)



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