MARVEL Contest of Champions MOD APK

MARVEL Contest of Champions MOD APK v24.2.0 (God Mode/One Hit)

MARVEL Contest of Champions MOD APK v24.2.0

Today, in the film industry, Marvel is the most famous company and has millions of fans all over the world. The movies Marvel brings to its fans are always full of eye-catching cinematic techniques, built on exciting content, and extremely attractive.

Surely, in each of us cherish a superhero silhouette that Marvel portrayed as Iron Man, thunder god Thor, giant green Hulk, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Loki or Captain America. Today, Kabam Inc brings a blockbuster to your game, MARVEL Contest of Champions, where you can role-play into any superhero and meet with other members of the Marvel cinema universe. Do not let you wait long; we will turn to learn each content of this game offline!

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MARVEL Contest of Champions tells of competitions organized by The Collector. The Collector has summoned all the heroes in the universe to participate in this tournament. And his ultimate goal is to find the strongest to join him in the fight against the evil lord Kang. Although the contest is meant to find the most influential man in the universe, making The Collector have to receive a lot of criticism, but few understand the real thing The Collector is doing because he does not want to lose too much-talented power.

Super Hero Fighting Game

Marvel Contest of Champions is a 2D countervailing game. In this game, you will be cast into superheroes and tasked with fighting against opponents to become the strongest in the universe. About the general play, when entering the battle, you will use the manipulation on the screen to control the character. Swipe left to back, swipe left and hold to defend, swipe right to perform attacks: punch, kick,… swipe to the right and keep to unleash a stronger attack. In particular, each character has a power-up bar in the left corner of the screen. This bar will gradually increase during the battle. And when the bar is full, you can use the character’s particular skill to unleash a critical attack. Each character has a certain amount of blood, whoever exhausted is the loser.

In game mode, the system offers two main game modes, including single-player mode and multiplayer mode. In single-player mode, you will bring only one character to the match and participate in single-designed arenas. Meanwhile, the multiplayer mode is the primary mode, playing the plot. You will create a group of characters, and take them to fight with other groups. Multiplayer mode is flexible, expressing the story more deeply.

Characters and upgrades

Join Marvel Contest of Champions; you have the opportunity to collect a set of all superheroes in Marvel, such as thor thunder god, Hulk, Cyclops, Storm, Wolverine, Deadpool, Magneto or Winter Soldier. Each character has been portrayed Kabam engraved in a sharp and incredibly detailed way. The graphics of each character are not only genuine, but each of them has unique fighting skills, not creating duplication. Moreover, the characters come from many different classes, and these classes override each other. It is making the fighting game more attractive when it comes to tactics.

Each character has a set of stats including rank, level system, along with stats such as HP, damage, defense, attack ability, and Synergy bonuses. In particular, rank is the most core factor, influencing the powers and other indicators of the character. You can upgrade the character to a maximum of 5 red stars. At this point, the character’s level is expanded to level 60, while special skills are unlocked, and other stats increase to the maximum. Upgrading rankings for characters are essential because it keeps you don’t weaker than your peers or even stronger than them. Furthermore, if your character is not enough power, you can’t go deep into the plot. The enemy is more powerful and has more professional fighting skills, overwhelming that you can’t pay back any hit.

Sum up

Overall, Marvel Contest of Champions is an excellent fighting game. Not only in the plot, but also the character system, system, and graphics and sound effects meticulously designed to detail. If you’re a Marvel fan or someone who loves fighting games, don’t miss MARVEL Contest of Champions.

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  1. Opponent does not attack
  2. The skill is always active
  3. No opponent’s rebound
  4. There is no shuffle

MOD v2:

  1. God Mode (Enemies don’t attack)
  2. One Hit Damage

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