Fortnite Mobile MOD APK

Fortnite Mobile MOD APK v10.10.0 (All Device)

Fortnite Mobile MOD APK v10.10.0 (All Device)

2017 is one of the biggest changes in the gaming market in recent years. Because it witnessed the dizzying changes of the prevailing games on the market. The trend is traded continuously after a period of time stalled by the MOBA dynasty, rooted in the utopia of League of Legends. At that time, DotA, LOL were the top two players in the gaming market and a number of PC and mobile games.

At one point, when people were so tired of MOBA’s intricate gameplay, Minecraft turned out to be the most popular game, but it did not last long and was overwhelmed by OverWatch. And last but not least, a new lineup, going all out to become famous and directly competing with the MOBA empire, has been stuck for nearly 10 years. Battle Royale with the leading name of PUBG.

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Genre games survive on all platforms

Like DotA and LOL, besides PUBG is Fortnite Mobile, the two main rivals are each other motivated to develop. Surely you can not forget before Battle Royale went up to become the brightest star in the game, how powerful Minecraft and viral. So, instead of following the huge shadow of PUBG, Fortnite Mobile turned to another direction. They combine their gameplay with Minecraft and create a new Battle Royale game alongside the original gameplay. At this point, when players are not yet shaping the most attractive of this new game, the community of gamers share their favourite games PUBG and Fortnite.

Build, destroy, knock down enemies

Later, PUBG became more professional, towards a serious community and want to become an eSport game in the future, then Fortnite towards more popular players. This is the difference between the two games and their fans no longer have to argue about which game is better than the other.

The situation in 2019 is more complicated than in previous years. This year is the time when games are differentiated and richer. Because there’s a media company that’s getting into the game market and turning it in a non-gamer direction. Tencent is also a big game maker and based on its existing capabilities, they are starting to make the PC market move to mobile more powerful than ever. They began to choose popular names including anime, cartoon, game, movies and transformed them into mobile games. Then it became one of the hottest trends among game makers. Japanese and Korean game developers revived their old-fashioned titles before Tencent acquired it. Nintendo, Netease, Bandai Namco, etc. are joining in this race with Tencent, but their power seems unmatched by the Chinese media giant

Graphics are good for low-profile phones

The most obvious is that Tencent has a hand in the current favorite Battle Royale games are PUBG and probably will be Fortnite. Almost all the Bluehole and Epic Games producers have been humbled by the Chinese.

Tencent posted his Twitter post with a status line, “Wow. It’s coming! ” It depicts the mobile version of Fortnite and there appears to be a date of July 24th on a calendar. Maybe it’s a joke or it’s a signal to the gaming community around the world. Currently, this information has not been verified. But perhaps with the strength of the Chinese tycoons, July 24th upcoming Fortnite mobile is likely to hit the market is very high.

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